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110 Chimps Experiencing Nature for the Very First Time!

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Less than a year after Chimp Haven adopted 111 chimpanzees, an undercover investigation of animal testing facility New Iberia Research Center, the largest chimpanzee laboratory in the world, allowed HSUS the opportunity to give another 110 freed lab chimps a new home! After years of painful test experiments and poor living conditions, these chimps are finally free.

One of the Haven’s newest and youngest members, Arden is making quite an impact on his caretakers, while his peers seem more interested in learning how to live outside of a cage.

UPDATE: Arden is now 7 years old and as lovable as ever! She loves to play with her three best friends — Diane, Jimmy, and Mason. The 4 together can get into some mischief from time-to-time! She enjoys cuddling with her mother and is growing up to be a very nurturing individual.

Have a look at the inspiring video.

Source: The Rain Forest Site