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An Abandoned Zoo In Yemen Plays Host To Lions Who Haven’t Eaten In Weeks

Image Credit: yousignanimals

In the Taiz city of Yemen, there’s a zoo which has been abandoned, but unfortunately there are animals in there, of which lions haven’t eaten in weeks.

Why has it been abandoned?

Because of the intense conflicts around that particular area. All the animals in that zoo have been left to fend for themselves, and from what you’re going to see, they aren’t in good condition.

It has been over weeks and the animals haven’t received any water to drink or food to eat.

Although some people tried to feed the lions, but due to the limited number of feeding supplies, the needs of the hungry lions were not met.

Someone needs to rescue them so that they don’t perish in this abandoned zoo.

Four Paws International are doing their best to rescue these lions but because they have limited resources and limited contacts in Yemen, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them.

There are reports that the male lion has already died.

Let’s hope that some miracle happens and these poor animals head back home.

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Source: HeroViral