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By RebelCircus

PETA is in hot water — again.  A report surfaced detailing how the animal rights activist group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — a.k.a. PETA — euthanized 1,411 cats and dogs in 2016.  The amount adopted?  Just 57.  Obviously, this has not sat well with animal lovers — and with non-psychopathic, sane people in general.

Two-faced. Will Coggin, director of research for the Center for Consumer Freedom, told Fox News that the organization wants the public to be aware of how PETA deals with animals. According to Coggin, PETA is being “two-faced” when it presents itself as a defender of animals. “PETA’s disregard for the lives of animals is disgraceful,” he told Fox News.

Target. For years, PETA has been a target of criticism for its high rate of euthanasia at the shelter, according to the Religion News Service. Currently, it sits at more than 80 percent. In other words, over half of the animals that are received at the shelter are ultimately put down.

Slaughterhouse. In a press release, the Center for Consumer Freedom assailed PETA for the killings. The organization called PETA’s shelter in Norfolk, Virginia, a “slaughterhouse” where it “has once again massacred scores of potentially adoptable pets.” The group added that PETA is hypocritical.

Official blog. Over on PETA’s official blog, the organization states that killing dogs and cats helps them “escape an uncaring world without trauma or pain.” The site reads: “Euthanasia is not a solution to overpopulation but rather a tragic necessity given the present crisis. PETA is proud to be a ‘shelter of last resort,’ where animals who have no place to go or who are unwanted or suffering are welcomed with love and open arms.”

Death toll. Altogether, PETA put down 557 dogs, 854 cats, and 17 other companion animals, according to the The animals put down in 2016 brought PETA’s death toll to over 37,000 since 1998. That’s more than a 1,000 animals euthanized per year. BRB, while we grab a tissue.

Report. According to a report by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), the animal rights organization euthanized 1,428 animals and transferred 482 to other shelters last year. Of the 2,007 animals received by PETA in 2016, the group only returned 10 dogs and cats to their owners. Yes, you read that right. Ten. They also only placed 57 animals with adopting families.

7.Grim Reaper. Coggin went on to say that the animal-rights group consistently kills over a thousand pets each year. “It would be better if PETA never even touched the animals, that way they might actually have a chance at life,” he said, according to Fox News. “PETA holds itself out as a savior, but it is really just a Grim Reaper.”

State lawmakers. While Virginia shelters kill an average of 16.9 percent of the animals in their care, PETA kills nearly 72 percent, Fox News reports. As a result, state lawmakers have become concerned about the organization’s extraordinary high rate of euthanasia. In fact, they even set out to redefine the term animal shelter to refer to a place whose main mission is to find a permanent home for companion animals.

Shame. “It’s sanctimonious to say they are lovers of animals,” Virginia State Sen. William M. Stanley Jr. said to Religious New Service in 2015. “It’s a way station of death, and it’s a shame.” In a response to a request for comment, PETA sent Fox News an email stating that euthanasia should be in context of the many ways the company helps animals.

Rescue team. That said, the organization didn’t deny killing more than 1,400 animals. According to Fox News, the email noted that “PETA operates a rescue team—which is on call 24/7 to offer relief to abused and suffering animals—as well as a single ‘shelter of last resort’ that takes in mostly aggressive, sick, elderly, injured, feral, and otherwise unadoptable animals, many of whom have been turned away by shelters with limited-admission policies.”

Lifesaving work. The PETA email went on to say that the consumer group “altogether fails to include or explain our organization’s lifesaving work in our community or the condition of the sick and dying animals PETA takes in.” Over the years, PETA has alleged that its kill rate is higher than other organizations because it takes animals that other shelters refuse.

Website. PETA’s website reads: “So-called ‘no-kill’ or ‘turn-away’ shelters, which are supported by supposed animal rights activist Nathan Winograd, have the luxury of not euthanizing animals because they turn away needy ones whom they deem unadoptable.” It added: “To be able to offer refuge to every animal in need, open-admission shelters must euthanize unadopted and unadoptable animals. The alternative—turning them away—is cruel and leaves the animals in grave danger.”

Previous controversy. Last November, two PETA employees were scolded after stealing a family’s pet Chihuahua right off their front lawn. The family captured the entire thing on their home surveillance system. After they were caught, the PETA employees apologized by giving the family a — drumroll, please — fruit basket. Yes, you read that right. A fruit basket.

Previous controversy. State law requires that animals be held for a total of five days before they are euthanized. This is done so that people are allowed to remover their animals in situations like what occurred to the family of the pet Chihuahua. An investigation by the VDACS found that the organization violated the law and imposed the largest fine it could: a measly $500.

You. What do you think of PETA? Do you believe the organization is being fairly criticized for the amount of animals they’ve put down over the years? Conversely, do you think people are making a huge deal out of nothing?

Source: Mind Activist