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Cats Catch Rainbows Through Sunbeams And It’s Truly Magical

By Amy

These gorgeous kitties have figured out a way to catch rainbows!

Cats have a penchant for sunbeams, and they move along with them. Where there’s warmth, there’s a cat.

When sun light shoots through a window or glass at the right angle, it creates a prism. If it’s casted onto a cat, it adds all the wonderful colors to their fluffy coat and turns them into rainbow cats.

“A section of my fish tank broke yesterday, causing a corner of my house to be lit up by rainbow colors. My cat Bailey decided to sit in that corner and became….Rainbow Cat,” reddit user actualmarc said.


Bailey looks fabulous!

Purrfect Easter cat!

My mom put up an Easter decal on our front door and it makes Gigi look like a Dr. Seuss character,” Hannah Bevis said on twitter.


When rainbow colors meet calico…

“My sister’s calico, Minnie enjoying the colorful evening sun,” imgur user kelaura said.


Tiny kitten tries to grab the rainbow with his paws.


“My cat found rainbow,” imgur user thehighestkingofskyrim said.


She decides to bask in it.


This kitty caught the rainbow by sleeping on it.


It’s purrfect!

Adding a bit of colors to her purrfect tuxedo.


She’s a queen #fatcatfridays #rainbowcat #catsofinstagram

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“Communicating with the mother ship,” Erika M said.

Communicating with the mother ship 👽 #rainbowcat

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“The sun is hitting the window just right,” @4gingersisters said.

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Source: LoveMeow