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China Zoo Kills THREE Tigers After Tourist Makes Costly Mistake

A graphic video has surfaced of a man being mauled to death at a zoo for a grueling 1 hour as multiple tigers take turns biting and attacking.

The incident occurred at a wildlife park in Ningbo, China after the tourist entered the tigers’ enclosure.

It is still unclear why the man, who attended the park with his wife and child, entered the tiger area.

Park staff spent over an hour attempting to rescue the man, though footage of the attack seems to only show them using firecrackers and water cannons in a failed attempt to scare off the predators.

Although initially the loud popping sounds created by the firecrackers seemed to scare the tigers away…

…they eventually stopped working:

Despite being rushed to the hospital, the man was pronounced dead soon after. According to The Sun, the tigers were subsequently put down.

This is the second time in only 6 months that someone was killed from a tiger attack.

Back in July, a mother died in an apparent attempt to save her daughter from a tiger that leapt onto a street and attacked her.

The entire incident brings into question the ethics of animal captivity.


Source: David Wolfe