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Could This Rare Footage Mean The Return Of Grey Wolves In California?

By Will S.

Humans nearly hunted the American grey wolf to extinction in beginning of the 20th century. Grey wolves are currently endangered in California and the last grey wolf seen in California was one that had wandered south from Oregon in 2011. But the rarity of this majestic species is about to change with the Shasta Pack. California is gearing up for what looks like the first pack of California grey wolves in over 100 years!

The Shasta Pack is named for their proximity to Mount Shasta in Siskiyou County, CA. The pack consists of two black-furred adults and five pups. According to NBC, the last known grey wolf in California was killed in 1924. Since then, the species has been recovering from extensive hunting in Idaho and Wyoming. Over the past decade, they’ve been moving west towards Oregon, which is how the Shasta Pack showed up in California. It is believed that the Shasta Pack is descended from the wolves living in Oregon, and their appearance in California is special. They could return the species to the California wilderness, where they belong. This is truly an endangered species success story.

Source: The Rainforest Site