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Covered in his own Faeces and Struggling to Stand: Heart-Breaking Polar Bear Drags Himself Across his Miserable Zoo Enclosure!

This is the heart-breaking instant a polar bear caked in his own faeces fights to stand up in his zoo enclosure.

The enormous white animal, who allegedly lives at Belgrade Zoo in Serbia, can be seen sitting on its rear legs near a pond of dirty-looking water.

The appalling clip shows the fatigued bear frantically trying to stand up – but in its place, he barely manages a small shuffle.

Polar b 1Polar b 2


He stares up weakly at the audiences above as he lingers to use all his strength to try to lift up his body, which seems to be entangled with faeces.

After an exhausting 20 seconds, the animal manages to get to his feet and gradually walk forward – leaving a stream of ‘faeces’ behind him.

He trudges over to the edge of the enclosure and eats a piece of food, while sightseers watch on from above.

Polar b 3Polar b 4

The shocking video was uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, with the user writing that the polar bear was fatigued and ill- while the water was in horrifying condition.

They wrote: ‘The water is in horrifying conditions, green full of germs and other contagions!

We petition that this torture chamber be closed or put somewhere else to a location where the creatures will get a habitat similar to that of nature.’

The clip has been viewed more than 15,000 times.

Source: Enterastro

To help save this poor soul and others just like him, visit Change.Org and sign the petition.