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Curious Baby Elephant Tries On Caretaker’s Sandals In Adorable Video

This is way too cute.

In light of recent events, the whole world could use a dose of cuteness. Fortunately, a baby elephant who lives at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand delivers.

In a video uploaded by the Save the Elephant Foundation, the adorable pachyderm is very curious about her caretaker’s sandals.

She pesters him until he finally takes off the flippers for her to try on. To many people’s delight, the pachyderm tries to wear the sandals on both her trunk and feet.

Elephants are known to have strong interpersonal bonds and complex communication skills. Additionally, their empathetic qualities and intelligence are legendary.

Even though the elephant is a baby, these qualities are evident.

As OneGreenPlanet reports, the Save the Elephant Foundation is dedicated to preserving the Asian elephants.

If you would like to ensure future generations have the opportunity to meet and interact with the incredible mammals, learn more about elephant conservation — and possibly consider making a donation — on the Save Elephant Foundation website here.

Watch the video below:

Source: True Activist