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Dog Was Confined to a Cage Her Whole Life. Now Watch When She Runs Again For First Time


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A little dog named Liszka is truly inspirational.

The poor pup spent most of her life locked in a cage without food or water.

But now that she’s been rescued from her abusive owner, she is determined to begin running again.

When Liszka was discovered by rescuers in Poland, she had been in a cage so long that contractures had developed on her legs, hardening her muscles and making it almost impossible for her to walk.

She was also terrified of people, and she would shake when anyone approached her.


A veterinarian working with the Polish rescue group OTOZ Animals began massaging Liszka’s legs, which helps relax them enough that she could scramble across the floor.

Now, with lots of practice and determination, the little pup has regained enough strength in her legs to walk and run.


Liszka is also much more comfortable around people.

She has a new forever home with owners that love her and helped her learn to trust people again.


Liszka’s abusive former owner is being investigated by the police and will hopefully never be allowed to own a dog again.

Meanwhile, Liszka is living a happy life with owners who adore her.

This brave little pup’s story has a wonderful happy ending.

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Source: Shareably