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Dog Who Was Struck By A Train Has Found A Way To Pay It Forward To The Rescue That Saved Her


By Karen Harris

You may have heard the story of Molly, the Pit Bull who was struck by an Amtrak train, which went viral in January. Now, the pup–and her humans–have helped put the rescue who saved her in the running for some serious grant money.

Molly’s story is nothing short of miraculous. As a stray in Baltimore, she had ducked into a tunnel just as an Amtrak train was about to speed through. The conductor couldn’t stop the train in time, and they thought for sure that this poor pup would meet her end. But somehow, she survived. She lost one of her hind legs, but with the help of the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), she pulled through.

And the best part? Molly was adopted by Officer Kevin McMullen, who was the first to arrive on the scene, along with his girlfriend, Claire Giambi.

“BARCS let Kevin visit Molly while she was recovering. After one of his visits, I asked how she was doing. As he spoke, his eyes filled with tears, which is something I had never seen him do in our six years of dating,” Giambi wrote in her submission story.

Learn more about Molly’s amazing story:

McMullen and Giambi are in love with their sweet Molly. And as a way to thank BARCs for assisting in her recovery, Gambi submitted her pup’s amazing story to the Petco Foundation’s Holiday Wishes campaign.

Out of 5,000 entries, BARCs is now one of 54 finalists, and each will receive a stipend of grant money between $5,000 and $100,000 in the coming weeks.

But there’s another chance for these rescues to win even more life-saving funds! People can read the finalists’ stories and vote for for their favorite to win one of five People’s Choice Awards! One organization will receive an additional $25,000, two will get $10,000, and one wins $5,000.

For updates, follow Petco Foundation on Facebook. To read and vote for your favorite story, click here. You can also follow Molly on Facebook.

Way to pay it forward, Molly and family! We just love how there’s a happy ending for everyone!

Source: IHeartDogs