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Dogs Being Locked Up And Farmed For Their Blood

Pets sometimes need blood transfusions, just the way people sometimes do — but a new investigation suggests that blood coming from a blood farm in Texas is sourced from approximately 150 ex-racing greyhounds who are caged and suffering.

Greyhound at blood bank in Texas

An anonymous former employee at the Pet Blood Bank observed and documented greyhounds kept in wire cages in an old turkey shed in San Saba County, Texas. Photos and video show the dogs languishing in their small enclosures, pacing and turning around in circles. Some spend hours just digging holes in the ground.

Greyhound at blood bank

The Greyhounds also appear to be suffering from physical problems, like untreated wounds, ticks, tooth decay and overgrown nails that push their paw pads apart. The investigation also claimed that two greyhounds were even found dead in their cages during this period.

Greyhound's overgrown nails at blood bank in Texas

The dogs are taken out of these cages and put in crates to be bled, a process that takes three hours and takes 20 percent of their blood volume at a time, according to the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which published the former employee’s findings last week. The documentation was purportedly recorded this year, as recently as two months ago.

Greyhounds at blood bank in crates

“The photos clearly show dogs suffering from severe gingivitis and receding, painful gums and going mad in kennels,” Daniel Paden, associate director at PETA, told The Dodo. “The whistleblower asked management to provide better care to the dogs, contacted various regulatory agencies, and then reached out to PETA after systemic neglect and suffering continued. The evidence clearly shows violations of Texas’ anti-cruelty statute.”

Thin greyhound at Texas blood bank

Immediately following the publication of the investigation, the Pet Blood Bank allowed a deputy from the local sheriff’s office to visit the blood bank and then posted a statement on its website homepage: “We promised to keep you updated, so here is the latest news about our facility. It is important to note that the owner of the Pet Blood Bank is completely dedicated to honesty and transparency. In fact, the Pet Blood Bank was the first entity to request that local law enforcement investigate its property after allegations were made.”

Greyhound at blood bank