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Facebook Is Being Used for Enormous Illegal Wildlife Trafficking!

By Amazing Wildlife

Wildlife traffickers based out of Vietnam are using Facebook and social media sites to sell and trade animal parts — on an enormous scale.

The illegal trade of wildlife parts is one of the most widespread black markets worldwide. Lately, undercover investigators released surprizing proof of these gruesome activities happening on an enormous scale.

The Wildlife Justice Commission is one of the leading forces in ending environmental crimes and they have attributed $53 million worth of illegal animal trade to Vietnamese dealers throughout the course of the past year.


The most amazing part of this discovery is that the illegal doings are based out of only one village in Vietnam — Nhi Khe.

A projected 50 members of this operation have been avidly using private groups on Facebook and WeChat wallet to offload large amounts of ivory, rhino horns, and tiger parts.


Facebook and other social media outlets are becoming hazardous tools in wildlife trafficking. Closed group auctions on the site allow for unmonitored movement, although Facebook representatives stubbornly insist that they prohibit such activities and delete accounts that violate their policies.

The abuse does not stop there — the sell and trade of live wildlife animals through social media is equally predominant, including live cheetahs, leopards, and endangered tortoises. A Facebook group called Traffic serves as the first line of defence for these criminal activities, aggressively watching and investigating groups that might be involved — but it is not enough.

Although the Vietnamese government was informed of the current results of the WJC’s year-long investigation in Nhi Khe, no measures have been executed to stop the criminals. The formation of additional detection teams through social media must be implemented in order to deter the snowballing illegal trade of wildlife.


Source: Amazing Wildlife

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