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Girl Hopes to Take Nice Prom Photo With Her Pit Bull, Gets Something Else Entirely

By D.G. Sciortino

Normally, Kaycee Marie’s 11-month-old pit bull is quite photogenic.

This precious little pooch is usually always game for a photo op according to his mom.


“He usually smiles pretty for pictures,” she told The Dodo. And here, we have some proof.


However, the one time Kaycee really wanted to take a “nice photo” with Doobie, he just wasn’t down for it. Kaycee was about to attend a high school prom and was all gussied up with a beautiful gown, hair, and makeup.

She was hoping to get one of Doobie’s famous smiley photos with her in her dress so she could remember the special moment forever.

“I am completely obsessed with him so of course, I wanted a picture with him,” said Kaycee.


Doobie, however, wasn’t really feeling it. He, apparently, had better things to do.


“He was having way too much fun running around our new yard,” said Kaycee


The pit bull puppy backed away from his mama and like she was the plague.

“Doobie was not having it,” said Kaycee.


I mean, he was really, really NOT having it. And, frankly, downright pissed.


That face though!

“Usually, if I make kissy noises, he licks my face,” said Kaycee. “So it was really funny when he decided to give me that photo.”

Kaycee was finally able to get her rambunctious pup to pose for a “nice photo.” It wasn’t the one that she originally hoped for, but it would do.


He still looked a little annoyed, though. Of course, as soon as the photo was over, he ran off again to play in his new yard.

Typical puppy.

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