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Innocent Pitbull Seized By The Police In UK – Bring Lemon Back To SA


Lemon, along with many other type 1 dogs are facing the harshest penalty in the UK. Put through various aptitude tests, behavioral exercises and being harshly criticized based on the poor idea that Pitbulls should be banned due to once again, you guessed it – the misuse an mishandling by PEOPLE.

Erin Leonard has been put through hell, having her dog confiscated. Fighting tooth and nail, Erin has been doing everything possible to prove Lemon is just a loving family member like every other pitbull we’ve ever come across.

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Owning a pitbull myself, being involved in the shows, knowing the local registered breeders and getting to know the community, it’s pretty clear that this is more of an attack on the dark side of the breed – the drug cartels, gangs and low life scum that misuse our breed for their own selfish gain.

What would it take to spend all the millions blown on bills and various laws to ban an innocent breed on the actual source itself? Fight the crime, the people and the issue at hand, not an animal bred through the centuries to be one of the most loyal dogs one could have the privilege of owning.

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Here’s Erin’s story:

“My dog, Lemon, was seized by the police over a month ago under the Dangerous Dog act. She was (to my knowledge) a Staffy cross.
Since being seized they’ve stated that she is a Type 1 dog – Pitbull mix.

She was taken after jumping up at a stranger and ripping a coat pocket. The woman was not harmed at all. Lemon is nervous of new people and should not have been where she was at the time of the incident. Unfortunately I was not with her when this happened – I received a call at work to let me know that she was seized. She barks when she’s anxious but she has never ever bitten or hurt anyone. She is the most loving and affectionate dog you would ever meet. She sleeps in my bed and never leaves my side at home.

They’ve made assessments of her and decided that they won’t support her being returned home. I have the option of going to court or them “closing the case”.
Due to her being a “pitbull” they’re looking to euthenise her.

They are allowing me to send her back to my home in South Africa to stay with family. Unfortunately this is going to cost quite abit. We would really appreciate if you could donate, anything at all.

She needs to have a vet checkup and all her required shots before travelling. I’ll also need to pay for boarding between being released from the police and her flight date. I’ve contacted multiple organisations regarding pet travel and waiting to hear back as to how soon she would be able to go. Once in SA she would need another assessment by a vet and to be spayed.

I miss her terribly. She completely changed my life and helped me grow as a person. Since she’s been gone I wake up every morning feeling like someone’s standing on my chest. I’ve had her since she was a little furbean. We’ve grown together. She’s incredibly smart and well trained but because of her breed and her overprotective nature, they have classed her as aggressive.

I know I wouldn’t get to see her for a long time but I’d rather her be in South Africa than put down and never see her again.

So, again, if you could help out with anything at all, even advice on exporting dogs, we would be so grateful.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story” – Erin Leonard

You can support Erin and Lemon here.

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