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Japan Has Their Own Train Filled With Adoptable Stray Kittens

Organizations trying to raise awareness for a cause are always on the lookout for a new captivating idea that will generate interest, buzz, and much needed donations.

Recently, an animal welfare advocacy group in Japan knocked it out of the park with their newest campaign to raise awareness for Japan’s stray cat problem.

And their solution might be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

Kitten Café Sanctuary hopes to bring awareness to the number of stray cats that are culled in Japan each year.

Japan has a large population of stray cats. Through innovative awareness campaigns, the number of cats that are turned into shelters and ultimately killed has dropped from 238,929 in 2004 to 45,574 in 2016.

Kitten Café Sanctuary, an animal advocacy NGO, hopes to bring that number down even more with its latest feline-themed idea.