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Lion Shows His Gentle Side When He Receives The Tiniest Visitor


Kobus Swart/Caters News Agency

By Ameena Schelling

With all the sad talk about lions and hunting, it’s nice to see one relaxed and happy.

Kobus Swart was on a camping trip in Botswana when he spotted a gorgeous male lion cleaning himself in the sunlight. A butterfly began to flutter around the lion and — gently — alighted on his paw.

The lion paused his cleaning, and for the next few minutes closely watched his little friend, taking care not to disturb it.

Kobus Swart/Caters News Agency

“The lion just looked at it intensely,” Swart said. “He could have eaten it with one quick bite.”

Kobus Swart/Caters News Agency

Unfortunately, the butterfly had other things to do, and eventually flitted off. “When it flew away he actually seemed to be upset,” Swart said. “It’s like they formed a really cute friendship.

Kobus Swart/Caters News Agency

This encounter was brief, but it provides a sweet glimpse into the inner workings of these magnificent animals.

Unfortunately, lions like this one are being threatened by poaching and territory loss. To find out how you can help save them, click here.

Source: The Dodo