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Man Secretly Films Blind Elephant Being Beaten For An Hour At ‘Elephant Ride’ Camp

A camera lens peeks through a chain link fence at a tourist camp in Thailand, and focuses on something disturbing. Behind a copse of trees, a man screams and beats an elephant hard with a long wooden paddle. The elephant, who’s wearing a seat used to carry tourists, can’t get away — chains hold her in place, giving her no choice but to put up with the abuse.

The beating goes on for over an hour, according to the person who recorded it.
After filming the incident, the anonymous investigator submitted the footage to Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT). Then WFFT posted the video on Facebook — where many people responded with outrage.

Phangnga elephant beatings

Undercover footage shows an elephant at a tourism camp in Southern Thailand, being beaten up for hours as she did not obey orders during the working time. This elephant is completely blind in her right eye (see the cataracts) and has limited eyesight in her left eye. She still has to walk tourists every day… After watching the video, will you still feel it is ok to ride an elephant?

Posted by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand on Thursday, 4 January 2018