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Mountain Lion Found Chained To Pickup Truck Is Finally Set Free After 20 Years In Captivity



Just because an animal is deemed “cool” or “interesting” does not mean they should be forced to entertain people.

Yet, there are many animals that are not cared for in circuses and roadside zoos and shows. These poor creatures are forced to live in tiny cages and never get to have the wonderful lives they deserve.

Mufasa is a mountain lion that was found chained to the back of a pickup truck. He spent 20 years in chains, forced to live a life he never wanted.

But things took a turn for the better for Mufasa in 2015, when Animal Defenders International rescued him after months of hard work. They tracked him down as they worked to shut down the Peruvian circus he’d been held at for years.

After they broke his chains, he was taken to his sanctuary. He can’t be released back into the wild, after having spent too long in captivity. But he’s experiencing a forest-like enclosure that feels like true freedom.

To learn more of the work that Animal Defenders International does, you can go to their website!

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Source: Little Things

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