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Mystery – Polar Bears Bodies Washing Up Thousands Of Miles From Home


By Matthew Hunt

According to reports, three huge and mysterious carcasses were seen along the west coast of Colonsay, in the Hebrides, in August. Due to their size and possibly white fur, locals from the tiny Scottish island believe that they are bodies of polar bears.

At first, no one took notice of these bodies as they were covered in debris. In addition to that, the overwhelming foul smell of the carcasses has caused locals to stay away from these bodies. Three months later, as the debris fell off these “mysterious bodies,” revealing what seems to be like white fur, the interesting white pelts piqued the curiosity of the locals. Reluctantly, they approached the decomposing bodies and discovered what seem to be bodies of three large polar bears.

According to a local, the bodies are about three meters long. The head and eye socket seem a bit clear after the debris have fallen off. Since there are no sea creatures with fur, it could only be the best conclusion.

This is mysterious and unbelievable news as Colonsay is approximately 1,400 miles away from the Arctic, a place known to be the home of polar bears. According to a report from Mirror UK, there are records from the recent years that show polar bears that found to be literally drifting from their homes on ice floes that have been broken away from land in the Arctic. Local authorities assumed that the three bodies used to be a family of polar bears that got stuck on an ice floe. The ice floe may have melted, which caused the big bears to drown and be washed up on shore.

There are numerous reports of Arctic species which fled or drifted from their homes. All these and other related events are unmistakably side effects of climate change. Locals believe that important actions should be properly implemented not only in their island but also throughout the globe.

Source: NWN

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