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Orphaned Bobcat Kitten Finds New Life With Surprise Siblings

These bobcat kittens found a welcome new home at a sanctuary, and a second chance at life.


Earlier this year, a tiny bobcat kitten lost her family when her mother and sibling were struck by cars on a Minnesota highway. She was brought into The Wildcat Sanctuary to receive care and get a second chance at life. Not only did the sanctuary give her food, shelter and a name — Autumn — but they also gave her a new family.

Not wanting Autumn to be a kitten all alone, the sanctuary connected with the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Arizona. The desert sanctuary had recently received two male bobcat kittens that a family had brought home. Now imprinted on humans, the kittens cannot be released into the wild. But they could become siblings for Autumn.

The sanctuary writes:

“The two brothers arrived in Minnesota a few days ago. They appear to be only a couple of months older than Autumn. Once cleared by the sanctuary’s veterinarian, they were introduced into a habitat at the same time as Autumn. The boys greeted Autumn right away, but she was cautious. She hissed and observed them from a distance for most of the first day. But, as caretakers approached the next morning, they caught their breath seeing all three curled up sleeping together. And the kittens have been inseparable ever since!”

One of the brother bobcats that are now a family alongside their adopted sister, Autumn.

It’s always a tragedy when wildlife are separated from their families. Thankfully these two sanctuaries collaborated in a way that provides these bobcat kittens with the best possible alternative to a sure death in the wild.

Watch a heartwarming video of the siblings getting to know each other in their new sanctuary space:

Source: MNN