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Pack Of Bengal Cats Savagely Killed Rare White Tiger Due To Zoo Keeper Negligence

A rare white tiger was killed in a brutal attack by a pack of big cats – allegedly because a zoo keeper left the door to their enclosure open.

The nine-year-old animal, named Shreyas, attempted to fight off the Bengal tigers, but was mortally wounded before she was able to escape.

She fled to a neighbouring enclosure alongside another white tiger named Amar, who suffered injuries to his jaw and paw but survived the ordeal.

But she died yesterday as a result of Sunday’s mauling.

A clip taken at the Bannerghatta Biological Park in the southern Indian state of Karnatka shows zoo staff attempting to distract the Bengal tigers.

They are heard sounding car horns and yelling while the larger darker tigers bite and scratch the white one.

An investigation has been launched to find out how the tragedy happened.

C Jayaram, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests for the government, said: “In the meanwhile, we have also instituted an inquiry to find out why such a mishap happened.

“It should not be repeated and people who were lethargic must be punished. Both the Bengal tigers are fine and they have been treated.”

Source: Mirror