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Poachers Just Broke Into A Sanctuary To Kill Two Rescued Lions

By Elizabeth Claire Alberts

On Sunday night, the unthinkable happened at Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, a refuge for animals rescued from abusive situations. Attackers broke into the sanctuary and killed two lions, José and Liso.

Then they hacked off the lions’ heads, legs and skins, according to South African news outlet Netwerk 21, although the dead lions weren’t discovered until Monday morning.

While it’s not clear why José and Liso were killed, the poachers probably wanted to use their body parts as trophies, or sell their bones for traditional medicine.

“With heavy hearts we graciously and respectfully ask for your patience and sensitivity at this time as we recover from and get to the bottom of the traumatic attack at the sanctuary this week,” Emoya wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. Emoya also said it is working with investigators, and that more details would be released at a later date.