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Poor Neglected Cat Covered in Matted Fur Finally Gets Rescued!

After 14 years of fur growth the poor neglected cat finally gets the grooming she desperately needed.

After her 82 years-old owner was taken to a nursing home, the cat named Hidey was brought to Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center.

The cat was in a terrible condition.

Her fur was so matted that the medical team at the rescue center removed around 2 pounds of fur.

She was noticed by a distant relative that visited her home after her owner was hospitalized.

Now together with his wife Paul Russel is taking care of Hidey.

With the heavy burden off her back, he stated that she is no longer nervous when being held and doesn’t hide under the bed.

Do you groom your cat regularly?

Spread the word that the elderly and their pets should be checked regularly to prevent such occurrences.