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Raven Looking For A Quick Bite Gets Stuck In Someone’s Plastic

The raven had gotten himself into a very uncomfortable — and dangerous — situation. A plastic lid from a frozen drink had become lodged around his neck and mouth, and he couldn’t seem to get it off himself.

“Ravens are scavengers, so I imagine he was rummaging for a bite to eat, and whatever it was was near the hole of the lid,” Gemma Hickey, an environmentalist based in Western Australia, told The Dodo. “It trapped his tongue and lower beak. He tried to eat by flicking food into his mouth but couldn’t get it to stay there long enough to get it down. The same with water.”

Raven with plastic lid caught around his head

Luckily for the raven, a local woman, Dee Tsalis, spotted him in her neighborhood, flitting from roof to roof and tree to tree, and even hopping along the electricity and telephone wires along her street.

Raven with plastic lid caught around his head