Spirit Animal Meanings: Wolf

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After reading Identifying Your Spirit Animal , you may have found your unique Spirit Animal. Follow our series as we run through some of the more popular ones. When you uncover yours, you may find out some very powerful insights which reflect your personality, skills or situations.

Spirit Animals may provide guidance on:

  • Aspects of yourself which may already be strongly developed or need more exploration.
  • Situations or environmental factors which may have a strong emotional impact on your daily life.
  • Life directions which you may consider reflecting on.

The Wolf

  • Sharp, Intelligent and instinctive
  • The insatiable appetite for freedom
  • Strong expressive instinct
  • Feeling threats or lacking of trust in others or yourself

The Wolf’s characteristics

With a positive emphasis when it comes to the deep connection you have with your intuition and instincts, negatively, you may be guided by the wolf as a representation of a threat or lack of trust in someone. Sometimes, this may even be your lack of confidence in your own feelings or actions.

When the wolf is your guide, it may be an expression of your sharp intelligence along with your fine tuned instincts.

Appearing in a dream, in meditation or in a physical form strongly suggests that you use your instincts and intuition when grasping situations. The appearance may also be a message that you require these skills to deal with a very recent or current situation that may require your attention.

On the other hand, if the wolf’s appearance feels threatening, you may need to pay more attention to your instinctive nature as the raw emotions may jeopardize the balance between you and those who surround you. This may be a warning that someone close possesses devouring instincts and you may need to be more vigilant.

Indicating a thirst for freedom, the wolf indicates the urge to live life powerfully, aggressively guided by instinct. The manifestation of the wolf presents itself as a guide which may be alerting you to live your life more freely, bringing more intensity and passion into your every day endeavors.

Wolves by nature are not easily domesticated and when they come to you as a Spirit Animal, they may be an invitation to investigate who supports your authentic self – the true expression of who you really are. The wolf totem reminds us to keep our spirit alive and to truly trust our instincts, which in turn allows you to find the path that really suits you.

On some occasions, the wolf totem may represent a perceived threat. This animal’s presence may be there as a reminder of events or situations which may leave you threatened. The feeling that something may seem predatory or instill the feeling of vulnerability or the lack of reassurance, the invitation invokes you to look into who or what has such an influence.

There may be a warning directed at your own challenges with personal boundaries, where you may be left feeling exposed or need to withdraw from a certain situation to strengthen your emotional and physical boundaries. There may be stiff competition at work, behavior around you that’s unsettling or you may be left feeling like you are dealing with a “pack of wolves.”

Emphasizing the role of instincts, this totem may point to your relationship with yourself and more specifically, the trust or mistrust you have with you own intuitive guidance.

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