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Stray Cats Are Having A Ball Playing In These Holes

By Caitlin Jill Anders

Nyan Kichi is a Japanese photographer who dedicates his time to hanging out with and photographing stray cats.

The cats have come to know and love him, and love to jump around and show off for him – especially in one particular spot that has a lot of drain pipe holes.


「最近どう?」「ボチボチにゃ」 . #カメラのキタムラ #キタムラ写真投稿 #かわいい #straycat

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Since these stray cats likely don’t have a lot of toys just lying around, they have to find ways to make their own fun, and so they made a game out of jumping in and out of the drain pipe holes.


You’d think something like that might get boring after a while …


… but somehow it never has.


The creative cats have turned the art of jumping in and out of the holes into an Olympic sport, and they love to leap through the air …


… dive into the holes …


… pop right back out again …


… and then watch each other until it’s their turn to strut their stuff again.


なんやこれ #ごぼう #チンアナゴ

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Their photographer friend loves to watch them play and compete, and even bought a prop to tease them with. They really do look like the game Whack-a-Mole as they come and go …

… which they do not find amusing, at all.


Occasionally they’ll get tired and lounge around instead …


… but then they get right back to it. After all, practice makes perfect, especially in challenging, Olympic-quality sports like drain hole jumping.


You can follow these energetic cats and all of their adventures on this photographer’s Instagram account.

Source: The Dodo