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The Dark Truth Behind White Tigers


By Jaco 

Let’s face it, White Tigers have captured our hearts over the years.

Featuring in pretty much everything, from art to fantasy, they are truly beautiful.

BUT there is a seriously dark side to the beautiful animals we know today…

1. Inbred White Tigers


In an effort to keep the blue eyed, white tiger at their zoos, inbreeding has been taking place, making these odd looking offspring.

2. Kenny The White Tiger


Kenny is an inbred white tiger, but he has an extra wider face, a petite snout, and warped buck teeth.

3. Scarcity


White tigers are rare as only 1 in 10,000 tigers are born with the lack of pigment called Leucism, which is accountable for the white and black fur, and their penetrating blue eyes.

4. His Brother


Willie is Kenny’s brother, and also suffers from crossed eyes due to inbreeding, and he didn’t not even end up with a white coat.

5. Private Breeders


Kenny was saved at two years old from a private breeder in 2000. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge saved the malformed tiger in Arkansas.

6. Zabu


This female white tiger, Zabu was also inbred and born with an eternal smile because of a cleft lip.

7. Kenny And Willi


All the white tigers you see today are inbred, though not all are distorted.

Source: Amazing Wildlife