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Their Cat Brought In A Baby Squirrel – So Being The Right Thing To Do, They Helped Him Recover!


Hmm outdoor cats – some surprises may come home with them after being out hunting. After all, that’s what cats do! In reality, cats are just showing us their appreciation for the things we do and how much they truly love us, but as animal lovers, the thought alone is terrifying!

Munchkin’s owners had a first hand experience when she brought them a gift – in the form of a tiny Antelope Ground Squirrel. The little guy was assumed dead when Munchkin’s owner found him in a pile of dust bunnies on the floor. Their rather large dog was towering over him staring, possibly trying to figure out what he was. On further inspection, he found him to be very much alive!

Doing what any animal lover would do, he quickly made a plan to save the little guy.


This is Ragnor the day he was rescued:


Tiny and dehydrated, they set to work helping him


It is of course recommended that one consults a wildlife rehabilitation facility before taking any action involving a wild animal, this little guy clearly needed immediate help!


Ragnor had to be fed four hourly, something the couple happily took on. Knowing how babies cannot moderate their own body temperature, they left out little bottle homes for him to sleep in. 


Steadily improving, Ragnor was soon eating solids. His favorites were apples and almonds.


He grew quite quickly and in no time he became very energetic. Being too comfortable around the family’s dogs, they decided it was time for him to be rehomed where he would receive the proper care he needed to adapt. Munchkin said her final goodbyes and he was on his way. 


Ragnor was one very lucky little squirrel, miraculously ending up in the right place at the right time!

H/T One Green Planet