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There’s An Organization In South Africa That’s Working Hard To Combat Dog Fighting & Abuse

Titon A.R.C is a Non-Profit Organization that is working hard to rehabilitate and train dogs from various backgrounds, offering them a second chance in a family home or working environment.

There is a dual purpose here – not only are dogs taken out of dire situations and offered a new, loving start, those that simply cannot integrate into a family home are also given a job to do.

Many of the dogs that end up here are of the “power” breeds like American Pitbull Terriers and the likes.

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In collaboration with GUDWULFS RESCUE TRUST, our rescued dogs first arrive at the RESCUE AND REHABILITATION center for the necessary vetting and intake such as medical attention, temperament assessments, physical and or psychological rehabilitation needs and safeguarding.
From here, when they are acclimatized and deemed to be ready, a second assessment is made to decide what avenue of our program they will be placed in.
Although our divisions’ main aim is to place these rescued dogs in a suitable qualified family home it is not always possible as we rescue severe cases which most other organisations are not equipped, experienced or willing to take in and therefore many of these rescued dogs would not qualify to be in a family environment and would then be placed in the TitonARC TRAINING program where they would receive up to 300 man hours of specialised training in personal protection, tracking or tactical anti/counter-poaching fields.

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“Our mission is two fold, we are taking abused and neglected animals, training and conditioning them so they can be safely re-homed or put into a much needed program in society, be it the anti-poaching program or the personal protection program. By this giving the dog meaning of life.

Apart from abused and neglected dogs we will be rescuing various breeds specifically suited to be trained and conditioned for said programs.

Joint organisations which we are involved with, run on a self contained budget. These are the trained operators that go out into the bush to do the tracking and anti-poaching and operate on a minimal budget. Volunteering their time for the love of our animals.

These volunteer anti poaching units do not have the funding, the time or the resources to run a fully equipped and fully established K9 unit. We will handle and provide them with the canines to alleviate the burden of medical, training, housing and financial costs. By this giving them more time in the bush and peace of mind that there are always dogs on the ready to help combat poachers.”

– Shane Titon

Titon ARC is collaborating with other organisations to combat dog fighting and abuse. Dogs that have been rescued from the illegal dog fighting scenes will be taken in by us and then mentally and physically rehabilitated to be placed into different sectors of our program that suits the dogs temperament. Other abused and abandoned breeds of dogs will be taken in and go through the same process of rehabilitation, and be placed into the various sectors of our program. Thus providing a safe haven for the future of the dog – be it Re-homing, in the anti poaching program or the personal protection program.

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Training Program

There are a few different lines of training a dog maybe placed in, these services are also offered to outside dogs.

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From basic socialization to bite-work, outreach and tracking/anti-poaching, most of the dogs that end up staying on for the programs benefit greatly and are able to be placed in working jobs where they serve to protect not only people and businesses, but also endangered wildlife!

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If you are interested in supporting a needy cause, be it with your time or financial sponsorship, you can find out more here.

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