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Tiger Drags Off Woman At Wildlife Park – Video

An innocent journey to a safari park turned into a bloodbath in an event which can only serve to remind us all that, no matter how sterile or well-presented, wildlife remains very much red in tooth and claw.

There is a purpose safari guides tell you to stay in your vehicle no matter what.

The awful incident happened on Saturday at the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World, in the city’s Yanking region, by the Great Wall of China.

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In an act of suicidal carelessness, a female left her car during the safari tour, ensuing a quarrel with a woman who was in the car with her. Mere moments later a large tiger attacked her and pulled her off, prompting the second lady to leave the vehicle in an effort to help.

Another tiger mauled her to death, before carrying her body away. Some folks may find the following film extremely upsetting, so viewer discretion is warned.

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VIDEO: Tiger Attack Kills Woman at Drive-Through Animal Park

The group in the car was supposedly part of a family. The male driver and the younger lady got into a violent verbal argument, before the woman stormed out of the vehicle in the heat of the moment. The woman’s mom followed her to try and save her, and was the one slaughtered in the attack. The young woman who started the tragedy is now recuperating in hospital after sustaining grave injuries. She was saved by a team from the park’s management.

Most sad of all though, is that a young child was left in the car. Who knows how distressed they will be thanks to this gruesome event.

The park permits visitors to drive their own cars safari style through an open space where the creatures roam free. Visitors are warned not to leave their cars, but some trust that the park authorities should still be held accountable for the brutal confrontation.

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The Yanqing promotional department said in a report that the safari park, situated beside the Badaling section of the Great Wall, has been shut and the local government is investigating the incident officially.

The park is already reeling from another avoidable death in August of last year, after a safety guard was also attacked by a big cat.

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