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Two Babies Have Never Seen Their Own Kind Before. In 5 Seconds, They Fall In Love

By Paul Morris

It’s unbelievable to realize how many animals lose their land every single day due to deforestation.

Two 18-month-old baby orangutans lost their homes and parents due to deforestation in the name of the palm oil trade. The orphans might not be related, but their situations were horribly similar. They were left to die, alone and scared, on the forest floor.

Miraculously, a group of amazing animal rescuers found the babies and took them in for recovery. It took a lot of hard work, but eventually both of the babies managed to fight their way back to good health, at least physically. Emotionally they were broken, their hearts were shattered and they thought they were all alone in the universe.

Since the fateful meeting, these two have been totally fascinated with each other and refuse to ever separate. While it’s horrible that they were forced to leave their mothers behind, it’s great to know they’ve found a new family to share their love of life with!

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Source: Little Things