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Woman Thinks Cat Died in House Fire. 2 Months Later, Her Dog Finds Her Hiding Under Floorboards

By D.G. Sciortino

Christine Marr was at work when she received a phone call with devastating news from a local firefighter.

She didn’t care so much about her home having caught fire, as she was more concerned with the fact that her beloved pets, Smoke, Chloe, and Ringer were inside.

The firefighter explained that her dog Chloe was found inside. However, her cat Smoke didn’t make it out.


“They found her [Chloe] lying in the bathroom because that’s always been her safe zone, so that’s where she ran to during the fire,” Marr told The Dodo.

Firefighters had to use a human oxygen mask to help revive Chloe, but it was a close call.


“She almost didn’t make it,” Marr said. “They said she was pretty much gone until they got to her with the oxygen mask.”

There were no signs of Ringer’s whereabouts and they assumed he too has passed away in the fire. Chloe and Ringer had been the best of friends and though they were shy around humans, the two of them always stuck together.


Marr was devastated over the loss of her cats but knew she had to focus on getting Chloe healthy again. Knowing that our pets are like members of our family, the fire chief purchased canine and feline oxygen masks after hearing Chloe’s story.

When Marr went back to her burned home to feed some of the barn cats that lived on her property, she still hoped that Ringer might turn up.


“For a good month, I went there every day and called for Ringer,” Marr said. “I called and called and called. I just didn’t believe he had perished in the fire.”

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