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Zoos Get Into Brutal #CuteAnimalTweetOff Battle, And It’s Exactly What The Internet Needed

By The News Daily 

Unbearable levels of cuteness are flooding Twitter timelines as zoos around the world take up a challenge to post the most adorable animal pictures.

What began as an announcement from the Smithsonian’s National Zoo of their newest addition has quickly escalated into a brutal competition of cuteness between zoos and aquariums across the United States, spreading quickly to the UK, and even a police departments with their dogs.

After seeing a press release for the zoo’s new grey seal pup, Virginia resident Sarah Hill tweeted the photo at the Virginia Aquarium with the words, “Your move”.

The aquarium accepted the challenge and responded with their own cute combination.

After seeing the back and forth between the two, other US zoos and aquariums chimed in.

Here’s a sample, from Queens Zoo in New York to Seattle Aquarium in Washington, and over to London Zoo.

And Sarah Hill is re-tweeting all the entries if you want to head over to Twitter for the #cuteanimaltweetoff.

A warning: diving deep into this internet vortex will waste the rest of your day.

Source: The News Daily